Eddie & Doris RobinsonDear Friends,

I am profoundly grateful to the many friends, organizations, corporations, and individuals who have given their loyal support to the Eddie G. Robinson Museum. I am deeply touched, and my family joins me in thanking you and expressing our sincere gratitude.


Eddie Robinson to me is the greatest, kindest, most caring, and most loving husband and father ever. His successes have filled him with pride and humility. When able, he has always been ready to serve his church, Grambling State University, and the community. He is a champion of all causes that he considers just. He believes in God and his family and had extraordinary devotion to his job.


Eddie Robinson is a man of even temperament and a gentleman at all times. Considerate, yet demanding, he always wanted what was best for his team. During his coaching days it was never too cold, too hot, too stormy, or too difficult to enhance the interests and welfare of his players, his football team, and his university. His devotion and allegiance to Grambling State University and the young men that played for him knew no limits.


Eddie’s legacy on and off the field is there for all to see and with your help we will be able to continue his great legacy for generations to come. His wise and enlightened leadership can serve as a light to show our youth that they can rise to great heights. His hope is that all youth will see that receiving a degree from Grambling State University, or any of the outstanding universities throughout the land, is an honor and that individual success, hard work, and social responsibility can and should go together.


Again, thank you, and know that I am sincerely and deeply grateful to all of you.

In friendship and love,


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Doris Robinson

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